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I grew up watching our family adventures as slide shows in dark living rooms on an ancient slide projector against a white wall. We never had much money but we camped and traveled as much as we could and my dad captured it all on film. 

While I can no longer remember when I got my first camera, I know that it wasn't long before my computers were running out of space from my hundreds of point and shoot photos. I loved capturing life's adventures and sharing them. 

Eventually smart phones became good enough to take decent photos, and I left the consumer camera home and traveled the world with my phone sharing my stories on Instagram. As I gained a following and began dabbling in the world of travel bloggers and the like, I soon found that I wanted greater quality. 

The first DSLR I ever purchased was a Nikon D3300 in 2015. This camera traveled all over Europe with me and captured some of my favorite memories capturing the history and natural beauty of this great continent. 

After a few years trying new lenses and growing in my skills I decided to upgrade to a Nikon D810 and start self teaching through YouTube videos to improve my skills. Over time I switched cameras more times than I can count and have eventually concluded that while a high quality camera is necessary for excellent photos, there are many  of them out there and one isn't necessarily superior to another. Currently I have a Fujifilm x-t2. 

While traveling will always be a part of my life, capturing certain ideas in nature such as extreme weather conditions or a completely different perspective on a popular landmark, is what really drives me. Backpacking has also become a new obsession after going on my first 7 backpacking trips in 2018. 

I value authenticity in photography. For me that means capturing the feeling of the moment even if the colors and lighting of my final edit aren't exactly identical to what I saw. Often the grip of a cold breeze or a kiss of sunlight around a fluffy cloud can totally change the feeling of a scene that simply copying the current lighting won't translate. Thus I try to edit my photos to portray the feeling I felt at the time of the shoot. 

I also prefer natural lighting when shooting people. I am not studio trained, and while I would love to gain that skill one day, my passion is capturing natural beauty in the best possible natural lighting. 

If you like what you see on my site I'd love to link up. I don't do free photo shoots but I do love to camp, hike, and spend time outdoors with other like minded people and would never want to charge for that. Sometimes I even take a few photos along the way.

If you want to collaborate on a project, need another photographer for your own work, or want me to do a photo shoot, connect below through my social media links or email. Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy adventures!


For rates and projects please email me at

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